Dr. Stephen Trudeau is a clinical psychologist practicing in Malibu and Westlake Village, CA.  His journey through difficult times began with poverty in childhood, and include; physical and sexual abuse in adolescence, drug addiction beginning at age eleven through his early twenties, the suicide death of his dear younger brother, being shot at by drug dealers, addiction recovery, motorcycle accidents, a broken heart several times, suffering from Major Depressive Disorder most of his life, a near fatal fall from a telephone pole, and dealing with the challenges of raising a special needs child.

New Bike Pic“Becoming a psychologist absolutely saved my life. Finding my purpose, to help others who are suffering gave my life meaning. I now plan on living to 105 years old! “

Stephen works in Malibu as an addiction specialist and has a private practice. He lives with his wife, Mary, and son, Devin in Thousand Oaks, CA. enjoying the beauty of nature, music, art, science, and cultural happenings in Southern California. An avid motorcycling enthusiast know as “The Psych on the Bike,” he rides every day through the mountains and down by the Pacific Ocean. Son, Devin, rides along in the sidecar as often as possible. He lives a thriving life every day.