Get a Grip!

Get a Grip

“Get a grip” is and idiom that admonishes us to seize control of ourselves. This is usually used when someone else can observe that we have lost some element of emotional control. At various times in our lives we lose our grip on what is going on with us and around us. It is a state of confusion and imbalance.

Way back in 1991, I was working as a contractor for General Telephone in Southern California. I had been a lineman since graduating high school 8 years earlier.  Climbing utility poles to replace cables, repairing lines, etc. was good hard work. It was a good job with decent pay, however, I had also grown dissatisfied with my prospects for growth and was contemplating my future as a construction worker.

One day I literally lost my grip, falling over two stories to the ground. I spent 4 days in the hospital after repairing the broken bones, torn ligaments, and ripped rotator cuff. It was the most physical pain I had ever felt to date. Laying there in the hospital I realized that perhaps a new career was in order.

I regained control of my life when I decided to return to school and change career path to become psychologist. Deciding on becoming a psychologist was heroic act because school had never come easy. But the prospect of a vocation helping others, that could also provide financial security was really attractive. The college years were challenging but very rewarding and after ten years, I had achieved my goal with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

There are lots of ways to lose your grip and even more ways to regain your grip. The possibilities are endless. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual control allows us to achieve balance in our lives. Without balance, we fall. But as the old Japanese proverb says, “fall down 7 times, get up 8!”  Balance is always the key to success.

Maintain the correct amount of grip pressure based on the task at hand.  To hold on to the grips of the handlebars on motorcycle to maintain smooth control. The grip in golf swing to hold it lightly because too tight will cause flaws in trajectory of the ball. Baseball swing is light at first but gets firmer throughout the swing, so the bat does not fly out of the hands and hit a spectator.  When we “get a grip” we have control of our destiny.