Hummingbird, the Spirit of Joy

HummingbirdDo you know why hummingbirds hum?  Because the don’t know the words to the song!   Ok, bad joke, and very old. There is something so interesting and seemingly spiritual about this smallest creature of the avian world.  They fly as if by magic, their wings forming an infinity pattern as they hover.

Each time I see a hummingbird a smile plays across my face.  A creature pure and care free, sipping the sweetest nectar from deep within certain flowers. Sometimes we can see them play as they dance around each other in beautiful colorful splendor!

I have a feeder outside my office window and at least a couple of times a day, a client will exclaim, “oh, a hummingbird!”  This begins the lesson that we have the power to bring magic a little closer to our lives by the actions we take. I placed the feeder exactly there outside my window to increase the probability and frequency of seeing hummingbirds and by extension experiencing a little bit of natures magic each day.  I have invested in more smiles each day.

This is shaping our future. The opposite of being a victim. Many people bemoan the lack of beauty and joy in their lives but fail to take the action of planting flowers, filling feeders, or cleaning up their environment.

Thriving takes hundreds of small acts that eventually add up to a richly stimulating environment that you have shaped. You are the architect of your own future.

Many people believe that hummingbirds symbolize a connection to the spiritual, like an apparition of a lost loved one.  For me they symbolize moments of joy and thriving that appear just in time to bring a smile, and I will do what I can to attract that joy into my life through my many choices throughout each day.

What will you do to attract the moments of beauty and joy into your life and truly Thrive?