Magic is Art

There is clearly a difference between the mundane logical world and the divine supernatural world. In our species, we believe magic is the human effort to be able to interact or manipulate the supernatural world.  And this is observed in the creations of the artist.

Have you ever wondered where creative ideas come from? How often have you marveled at the near miraculous ability of some individuals to paint, draw, sculpt, make music, etc?

In 1965 Paul McCartney awoke from a dream with a tune in his head. He was sure the tune was so familiar that perhaps it was someone else’s work. When he shared it with John Lennon, John reassured him that it was new and all Paul. That song went on to become the song Yesterday, a number 1 hit across the charts. And voted best pop song of all time by MTV and Rolling Stone magazine.

There is a thin membrane separating the mundane or profane world from the divine or sacred supernatural world.  This membrane keeps order in the Universe by making most of our lives fairly predictable and with degrees of certainty. It is what makes what allows mathematics and engineering to build bridges, and cultures hold together.

The artist is there to remind us that all is not what it seems. They bring us glimpses of the supernatural, a glimpse that is usually only reserved for after our time on this planet. After the lessons have been learned. At times the membrane is permeable and the divine flows through.

The artist captures this divine flow and represents it within their works. Drawing, painting, music, performance, sculpture, etc all serve to provoke feelings of awe in the audience. The artist also can, through many years of study and practice become proficient enough to part the membrane through the ritual acts of art thus becoming an alchemist/magician turning materials into vision and sound. The best art seems to be a piece of the divine.

All humans have artistic capabilities. As a species, we create. However, we recognize talent and effort the exceptional artist has. However, we the audience completes the circle of creation.  An artist needs to move an audience. Small or large we patrons of the arts give it meaning, respect its creation, and fund the magicians who bring us such joy. Support your artist/magicians, for they bring us the gift of the divine.