Recharge Your Batteries

BatteriesDaily life struggles can drain our energy.  Sometimes demands on our energy spike due to unforeseen circumstances and we need to dig deep and find additional energy or find a quick way to recharge.

Humans are generally awake for 16 hours and sleep for 8 hours. The 8-hour sleep cycle seems to recharge most of us effectively for daily concerns. Like most animals on the planet Earth, the human animal is diurnal (active during the day time hours) the opposite of nocturnal (active during the nighttime hours. Racoons, hedgehogs, and owls are examples of nocturnal animals.  For us humans, a good night’s sleep can do the trick.

We stress, we turn the lights on, watch tv, play video games, etc. all of which disturbs our sleep. So, we need other ways to recharge.  Also, life circumstances can sporadically interrupt us and demand a huge investment of extra energy. An argument will almost certainly feel like we are drained afterwards.  Crazy phone calls, traffic, the boss needing to talk to us, a leaky faucet at home, the dog making a mess on the carpet all serve to further spend those precious calories of energy.

So here are some solutions. Of course, we can’t necessarily make all of them work for us but perhaps these suggestions will spark some creative answers of your own.  

On a Sunday, I love taking a one-hour nap, indulgent for sure.  Other times watching a funny movie can cheer me up. A glass of sparkling water in the middle of the day can bring a smile to my face and renewed freshness. Eating a piece of fruit for a snack is energizing as well. Picking up a guitar and playing a few chords or tickling the ivory keys on the piano can give you some juice.  Stopping to smell a flower or appreciate its beauty can help as well.

Therapeutically, even just a few minutes of meditation has been shown to be very rejuvenating, same thing holds true for prayer.  Mindfulness practices are good self-care, deep breathing, grounding, focus of attention, Yoga, Tai Chi, even some simple stretching can change your perspective as well as increase the flow of energy. And let’s not forget solar energy, the simple act of standing outside and letting the Sun’s rays bath our skin for just a few minutes. Just don’t stare into the Sun!

How do you recharge your batteries?