Resilience and Thriving

Desert Cactus

It is remarkable to me sometimes to observe the resiliency of plants. How every once in a while, we find a plant clinging to life where is shouldn’t.  It finds a crack or crevice in which the seed lands and finds just enough soil to begin the life cycle again.

We can take a lesson from these plants and realize that wherever we are, in what ever conditions we find ourselves in, now is the time to thrive. When we notice the conditions we are in are unfavorable, we can lament our “bad luck” or we can adapt, grow, and even thrive. Because it is our human nature to find a way.

Resiliency is the characteristic of bouncing back or enduring trying conditions.  There is no human who will go through life untested. Some people will be stretched to their limits while others will only occasionally have to learn to adapt. But the truth is, that we will all face trials in life and in these trials,  we will show our true character.

To rise up, adapt, overcome, and thrive in the face of adversity is the hallmark of that inner strength we all have.  Sad to say, many of us have been beaten by the conditions we find ourselves in. The traumas sap us of energy, drain away our courage, and leave us feeling broken.  My words of advice are to find the inspiration that will reawaken our core self. That core self that has so much to offer and will refuse to allow external conditions to define us.

True thrivers know their core self, adapt to change, and believe they can shape their future. This is getting out of the victim mentality. Yes, we have been hurt, sometimes in grossly unfair ways, but we will not allow our hurts to define us. Our spirit cries for a chance to thrive in less than ideal conditions, but it is our mind that must make the decision, and often our bodies that must take the action to make it true.