Speaking Events

Dr. Stephen Trudeau's cover photo during TEDxCamarillo speech, teaching humans how to thrive

Psych On The Bike!  A biker/psychologist.  What a combination. That is what captures the audience’s attention.  It is clear through his enthusiastic, dynamic, and entertaining presentations that Dr. Stephen has a true passion for Thriving. Combining the down to Earth irreverent style with the academic intelligence that facilitates thought provoking changes in the listener.  Book him today for your special events and he is guaranteed to shake things up! 

Dr. Trudeau has been sought out by Fortune 500 companies, Non Profits, Faith Based organizations, and Addiction treatment centers for keynote speaking events as well as employee development workshops.

Event Program: Courage to Thrive

Dr. Stephen Trudeau talking at a Speaking Event

Courage to Thrive is a challenge to do your best. To get out of the Victim mentality, past mere survival, to truly Thrive!

The Audience will learn:
1. The key characteristics of Thrivers, and it’s all about perspective and attitude.
2. Understand why we humans do what we do, for good or bad, and use this knowledge to overcome our own resistance to change.
3. The magic formula for success that reinforces goals and growth!
4. Specific strategies to support the new behaviors to extend the Motivation beyond a few hours or days.

Because most of us have been hurt or ground down at times, we feel like success is out of reach. We merely survive.  Henry David Thoreau described; “a mass of men, leading lives of quiet desperation.”   We don’t want to fall into that trap or need to get out of it.

How would you like to live Harvesting as much Joy as possible?  By finding a balance between Work, Love, and Play. How would you like to THRIVE?

"Dr. Stephen Trudeau brings a welcoming story telling style to the stage. His warm presence and knowledge of human potential allows him to brilliantly deliver his message."
"Dr Trudeau has an incredibly contagious energy and spirit. He Inspires his audience and guests to be the best version of themselves they can be. This is a man who not only delivers words but his actions promote pro-health behaviors. It has been an absolute joy and blessing to be able to work with him over the past six years. His courageous spirit and beautiful heart captivate young and old alike with his compelling curriculum and teaching and speaking ability."