Thrive Coaching

Many people desire to have one on one coaching with Dr. Stephen not be related to psychotherapy.  By offering Thrive Coaching, Dr. Trudeau can help those individuals reach peak performance and achieve incredible personal growth while applying these strategies to a richly fulfilling life.  Dr. Stephen’s clients include Celebrities (actors, musicians, performers, and professional athletes) as well as C-Suite and High Level Executives of major corporations, Entrepreneurs, and recently retired professionals looking to continue to Thrive in a new direction.   These services are offered live in person, via video chat or conferencing, and include email and telephone relationships.

Dr. Trudeau is currently working with CEO’s, Presidents, and high level Executives. He also is working with many Celebrities from Television, Film, Music, and Professional Sports to achieve their highest potential.  Thrive Coaching is often able to be done using video conferencing anywhere in the world.

Dr. Stephen Trudeau lending a hand - coaching others to thrive and succeed.