Shelf Help or Self Help

Book Shelf, literature, inspirationMany people buy books on personal growth and development, but never read them. They are familiar with the big titles, The Four Agreements, The Power of Now, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and the Power of Positive Thinking.  However, reading them is another story.

A shelf full of self-help books does not make one wise. It is not good enough to buy a book and not read it.  Beyond even reading it, one must digest the message within. These efforts by the author is to share a perspective on personal growth, to engage in the art of creating or recreating ourselves.  

Chapter 27 in my book, Courage to Thrive, is entitled: Your Mind Will Focus on What You Feed it. I cannot stress enough how important reading is to feeding your mind.  I often hear the claim “but I just don’t read books.” Well, get over it. The amount of wisdom available is staggering. Never in the course of human history has so much wisdom been available for us to be exposed to and learn from. If literally reading a book is in fact difficult, then download the audio file and make time to listen to it.

Knowledge without action is a waste. As we feed our mind, the thoughts must affect our choices. Being more at peace with ourselves gives rise to healthier choices in life, relationships, business, and what we consider fun.  

A mentor of mine many years ago claimed, “we are not human beings, but rather human becomings.”  This reminds us that we are always in the process of becoming our next selves. Will that next self be wise? And where will that wisdom come from?  Books. Plain and simple. Books give you the collected wisdom of our species.

Shelf help? Avoid letting these books gather dust without reading them or putting that wisdom into action. Feed your mind!  And Thrive in the process.