Thunder God

Rick Allen

I had the amazing pleasure of seeing the mega rock band, Def Leppard, in concert a couple of weeks ago. It was the final show of the tour and they put on a spectacular finish as a celebration of life and music. The drummer, Rick Allen, continues to be an inspiration to many, due to his continued Thriving life as a musician in one of the biggest rock bands of all time, after losing his arm in a tragic car accident.

We had the backstage meet and greet experience where before the show the band spends some time with fans in a more intimate setting.  These guys (the band) are some of the nicest people in Rock N Roll! They appreciate their fans on a level I rarely see from the famous.

Having known Rick for over 10 years, I have found him to be most gracious with the fans and people in general.  The fans have affectionately dubbed him “The Thunder God” due to his tremendously powerful and deep drumming style. He is also an accomplished artist, having several gallery showings each year. In addition, he is the founder of Raven Drum Foundation and benefiting wounded veterans.

On display at this last concert of the tour, Rick performed a solo that had the entire audience on their feet, screaming with extasy at the Thunder God driving his complex tribal beat. Musical skills brought to an art form, his feet in a blaze of stomping madness.  But what caught my eye was the smile on Rick’s face. He was in his bliss. He was performing for the audience as a tribal shaman conjuring a healing magical atmosphere and we were all bewitched by his music.

This smile is the core of our humanity. When a person is self-actualizing on multiple levels. Joy and happiness radiate as he celebrates life and is an inspiration to others.  This does not mean that he is perfect or that we must be perfect in order to Thrive. But when the fusion of Work/Love/Play manifests in such a powerful positive way, we can hope to find our bliss. And work hard to make it happen.  Thank you Rick, for your smile!