Time Clock It is amazing to think that shifting time by one hour can change perspective on so many levels. Twice a year we change time forward or back by one hour in an effort to maximize our usage of daylight.  We have heard all the explanations of farm work, electricity usage and other justifications for this shift. Regardless, I hear a lot of complaining how much the time change affects mood, body rhythms, sleep patterns, etc. Another perspective is to embrace change as it happens and make peace with the subtle changes all around us.

The average American watches 5 hours 4 minutes of television per day! How would you like those hours back? In 2018 the average technology time (cell phone, computer, etc) was 3 hours 35 minutes.  I am sure there is some overlap there.

The trick in life is to not allow small changes to upend your perspective. To not allow minor inconveniences to rule your mood. But to embrace the amazing world we live in, and to find the infinite ways of Thriving presented to us in every moment of every day!  

How much time do each of us have? No one knows for certain. The endless variables make prediction impossible.  But suffice it to say, our time is indeed limited. Most of us have enough concern for our well being that we exercise some, try to eat healthy food, and side step potentially dangerous situations. But to live just to extend the time seems futile.

To really live, to Thrive each day. That should be the goal. It’s not the amount of days in our life that matter but the amount of life in each day that matters. You can steal my motorcycle, burn my house, take my parking spot, even my identity is not safe due to data on the internet, but don’t waste my time.  It is the one thing that is, irreplaceable. So it is up to me to also not waste my own time.

That doesn’t mean we have to be constantly productive. Taking quiet time, leisure time, entertainment time, relaxing time is also very valid. But we must do so mindfully. To appreciate all the time we have and how we choose to spend it. A truly wealthy person does exactly what they wish to do with their time.

So let’s continue to make some choices as to how this “time change”  daylight savings program will continue to affect our lives. Nothing wrong with revisiting the idea to make some adjustments to the law. But let’s also not waste anymore time complaining about it.  Thrivers accept change as inevitable and adapt to the changes with grace and dignity. Thrivers also know that the choices they make affect the future.

The past is gone but we can have fond memories and learn from the pain, the present is the now that truly matters so stay focused, and shape the future with the choices we make today.